Friday, September 14, 2007

Tentang Kuching - dalam bahasa English

Ihsan dari Air Asia...

untuk teman2, Air Asia ada promosi tambang murah dari Kuching/Kota Kinabalu/KL ke destinasi2 terpilih....

jomlah ikut saya melancong tahun depan - 2008.

booking dari 11/9 hingga 16/907 sahaja..

jom...cepat...jgn lepaskan peluang keemasan ini...

Armiza Nila - Kuching...


Honeymooners, lovebirds and curious travellers - Kuching is your destination! With a beautiful waterfront along the Sarawak River, carefully restored colonial buildings and well-maintained parks, Kuching is one of the most romantic cities in Malaysia. The capital of Sarawak is entrance to ethnical Borneo.

something about Kuching
It’s impossible to avoid them! Cats’ statues and t-shirts are on display all over Kuching! It’s no wonder; kuching means cat in Bahasa Malaysia. You will not see many of these felines walking the capitsomething about Kuchingal of Sarawak, though.

According to historians, the word kuching has no relations with cat.Experts say it originates from a Chinese word that means harbour (kochin), or after the mata kuching, a type of fruit in the lychee family.

With or without cats, Kuching is one of the most delightful cities in Malaysia, and probably the most romantic.

Stroll along the waterfront to soak in the serenity. Along the Sarawak River, small Chinese shophouses, home of many handicraft galleries, are fringed by beautiful gardens. On the river, small sampan and boats cross to the other side where forests abound.

The other side of the bank lies the “noble area” of Kuching - Fort Margarita, a legacy of the White Raja, Charles Brooke, as well as the Astana, a palace of which is the official residence of Sarawak’s Head of State - dominate wooden houses.

The Brooke family who ruled Sarawak for over a hundred years, left a considerable legacy : the classic post office, the court house, the square tower and the Sarawak Museum are treasured architectures of a bygone era. British influence is most noticeable behind the Sarawak Museum. The previous cemetery is, today, a beautiful garden.

With flowers, large trees, wooden pavilions and a Victorian aquarium, it is romantic England nestled in Borneo. Sunsets at the Kuching River are also quite a spectacle. Walk along the waterfront and observe the many faces of Borneo - Chinese, Malay, Iban, Melanau or Bidayu - they all live united and enjoy a peaceful life in this romantic city, an euphoria you will certainly appreciate.

of Attractions
the waterfront
  • monuments, open-air cafes and beautiful gardens
  • climb the highest tower along the river and enjoy the magnificent view of the waterfront
  • ride across the river on the sampan or ferry with a tambang (fee)

    the Sarawak Museum
  • discover the fauna and flora of Sarawak as well as the State’s 26 officially recorded ethics
  • don’t forget the English garden in the backyard

    the Cat Museum
  • features types of cats in the world
  • not the most interesting museum in the world but one of the most intriguing

    of entertainment
    Youngsters like to hang around the open cafes along the Sarawak River until late in the evening. Night owls can meet at the surrounding area of the cats' column at the corner of Jalan Thian Cheok and Jalan Padugan. Soho Pub, Denise Wine Bar and the Grappa are several trendy bars in this area. One of the most popular discos is Tribes at the Holiday Inn.
    of food & drinks
    It would be an insult to be in Kuching without trying the local specialty - Sarawak Laksa. Numerous places serve it. Many open-air eateries can be found at the top or bottom of car parks. Do not feel too strangely about this rather odd choice of location. One of the freshest seafood is served at Top Spot Food Court, Jalan Bukit Mata. The Chinese Food Centre on Jalan Carpenter serves some of the best prawns in town.
    of shopping
    Kuching is a paradise of ethnic handicrafts. Galleries and shops follow each other along Jalan Main Bazaar. The Ibans are famous for their ikan (fish) as well as baskets and rattan objects; Orang Ulu for their intricate wooden sculptures. The more recent galleries mix traditional motives and contemporary designs. Other popular souvenirs include pottery, exotic plants and pepper.

  • beyond Kuching
    Kuching boasts endless natural beauties. Forty minutes from the capital, visitors can enjoy the fine beaches of luxurious resorts in Damai, play golf, trek in the rainforest or visit the Sarawak Cultural Village, an open-air museum that recreates the Sarawakian ethnic way of life.

    Orang utan lovers should not miss the Semengoh Rehabilitation Centre, close to the airport. Located 80 minutes from Kuching, Bako National Park is an excellent introduction to the wildlife and flora of the rainforest of Sarawak.

    If you have more time, why not spend a day with the Ibans? Tour operators organise visits to their homes and extend an opportunity to enjoy Iban hospitality, that includes spending the night in the traditional wooden longhouse.

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    zalisa maz said...

    Seronokkan dapat berjalan2 pada masa cuti :)

    Maslina Mahbu @ Armiza Nila said...

    Salam Sdri Zalisa Maz,

    Terima kasih kerana meninggalkan jejak.

    Melancong memang seronok tapi kenalah pandai berbelanja.

    Kekadang saya mengenepikan melancong kerana nak menambahbaik rumah...kerana itu lebih utama..keselesaan anak2 bila mereka dah dewasa nanti...